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WGCP Review – Whole Green Coffee Powder For Focus?

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WGCP, or Whole Green Coffee Powder, is a powerful supplement clinically proven to provide a broad range of health benefits. You may think that you can experience similar benefits from your morning cup of coffee or green coffee extract, but the entire bean is necessary for optimal health benefits.

What Is WGCP?

Contrary to popular belief, coffee beans are not naturally brown. In nature, coffee beans are green with a protective red shell that make them look like berries. This red skin, called a coffee cherry, is removed from the bean to get a raw green coffee bean.  Beans destined to become a beverage are roasted at this stage, giving them their distinctive brown coloration.

Beans destined to become organic WGCP, however, are sun dried instead of roasted. This preserves their natural green appearance. They then undergo a patented process that converts the entire bean into a powdered form that may be added to a wide range of products as a dietary supplement, including energy bars and beverages.

What Can WGCP Do For Me?

Coffee beans naturally contain a ton of beneficial micro-nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, and natural acids, but most of these compounds are destroyed during the roasting process. The powder-making process ensures that the beans maintain their natural nutritive value.

For example, you are probably familiar with the jitters many people experience after drinking caffeinated coffee. WGCP also contains caffeine, so you get the energy boost commonly associated with coffee. However, raw coffee beans contain fiber, which controls the release of the caffeine instead of having all of it enter your bloodstream in a single jolt. This increases the duration of your energy boost while simultaneously eliminating the jittery feeling, making it superior to traditional coffee in every conceivable way.

This slow release of caffeine, according to SupplementPolice.com, doesn’t interfere or mingle with the cardiovascular system and therefore allows the natural benefits of this energy booster to take place gradually.

This information is not new. In fact, a celebrity TV doctor pointed it out a few years ago in an effort to sell green coffee extract, or Chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is indeed one of the active ingredients in WGCP, but it’s not the only one. Much like eating a whole apple is healthier than drinking apple juice, consuming the entire raw coffee bean instead of a portion thereof is the best way to take advantage of all of the beneficial nutrients it has to offer.

How Well Does WGCP Work?

The best way to test how effective any given supplement is is to conduct a clinical study on it. The Cleveland Clinic, one of the top rated hospitals in the United States, recently performed a double-blind study proving that WGCP significantly improved concentration, the ability to focus on tasks, working memory, and focus vs. a placebo. The study was performed on neurotypical college-aged adults using the CANTAB (ADHD Core Battery of the Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery) as a substitute for rigorous academic work. The Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit organization that never endorses any product, so their results are as reliable as they come.

WGCP is also a clinically-proven appetite suppressant that can help you lose weight, according to a double-blind study performed by Global Clinicals.  Fiber is well known to help people feel fuller longer, so it was not a surprise to see fiber-rich WGCP produce the same effect. More interestingly, the investigation found that the combination of caffeine and Chlorogenic acid found in raw coffee powder helps suppress appetite. Notably, Chlorogenic acid alone did not produce any significant weight loss benefits, suggesting that it must interact with the caffeine in coffee to help lose weight.

The University of Tampa performed a study proving that organic WGCP releases caffeine over a period of 6-8 hours, providing an energy boost and increased endurance without the jitters or crash associated with other caffeinated products. There is also a clinical study underway investigating WGCP’s impacts on glucose control, but the results were not yet available as of press time.

Is It Safe?

The University of Tampa study cited above found no adverse side effects associated with WGCP use, so it is safe for most individuals to use regularly.  Still, it is likely best to consult your doctor first if you have any medical conditions.


Raw coffee has many health benefits, and the science clearly indicates that WGCP is the best way to take advantage of them. We expect to see WGCP added to a broad range of health and fitness products in the near future.

Currently you can find WGCP featured in supplements like IQ Genex and Intelleral – both of which we’ve reviewed previously.

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