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Vella Visage: Best New Eye Serum For Women?

Vella Visage Eye Serum

Like any other part of the face, the under eye area can get wrinkled, Though wrinkles is a natural part of aging, there are certain steps that can mitigate premature aging.

As your skin ages, the epidermis starts to divide more slowly. This is called turnover. Skin becomes rough, sallow, and folds may start to appear. Also, the epidermis has a more difficult time holding onto water molecules, making the skin particularly fragile. This problem is accentuated around the under eye area due to its unique structure.

Your skin is about 2mm thick. However, the skin underneath the eye is just .5 mm thick, making it the thinnest area on your body. This is also one of the first places where you will experience aging, with many people experiencing their first signs of aging via crows feet.

There are many products in the market that can be prescribed by a doctor or available over-the-counter. Retin-A is a prescription strength collagen booster that is popular for those who are looking to reinforce their skin. Even though it may be wildly popular, it is expensive, only available through a prescription, and has a drying effect, especially when applied to the under eye area.

Vella Visage is a moisturizing eye serum that can rejuvenate the under eye area and boost collagen levels, while not affecting the delicate chemistry of the under eye area. Vella Visage has shown to repair sun damaged skin, alleviate pigmentation, as well as increase cellular turnover rate.

Can Vella Visage Improve Your Skin?

Vella Visage will help improves microcirculation. Aged skin has a difficult time of preserving nutrient-dense blood. The serum offers microcirculation on the under eye area, stimulating blood circulation. It gently lifts the under eye area, reducing the breakdown of the collagen and elastin matrix.

Vella Visage will help nullify free radicals. Free radicals are the by-product of cellular activity. However, it also causes the skin to become dull. Vella Visage is full of active antioxidants that circumvent the effects of free radicals in the skin.

Improves cellular turnover. The action of improving cellular turnover rejuvenate the skin, revealing skin that is firmer and much smoother. Users of Vella Visage eye serum will note improved aesthetic of the under eye area with continued use. Improved cellular turnover also increases the efficacy of other skin care products, allowing the active ingredients in other products to reach deeper into the layers of the epidermis. You can use Vella Visage alone or use it as a primer before applying your favorite night creams.

Purified soy and rice peptides reduce puffiness and dark circles. Puffiness also goes hand-to-hand with aged skin. Even though dark circles can be hereditary, the active ingredients in Vella Visage are known to alleviate puffiness. For the best effect in reducing puffiness in the under eye area, place Vella Visage in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to cool the eye serum. Once applied, the cooling sensation will help reduce puffiness and dislocate liquid that might’ve pooled on the eye area while you slept.

Effective when used in conjunction with a sunscreen. The UVA and UVB rays are one of the sole reasons why premature aging happens. It causes trauma to the cells of the skin, releasing free radicals. A sensitive sunscreen that is compatible with the under eye area can help ward off premature aging. Vella Visage reduces inflammation and prevents further UV damage.

Use Vella Visage as part of your comprehensive regimen to alleviate under eye wrinkles and puffiness. Including more whole foods in your diet, reducing your exposure to irritating pollutants like nicotine, and focusing more on moisturizing and maintaining the suppleness of your skin, is one of the best ways to fast-track your skin for optimum health.

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