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TS Health LLC – Quality Supplement Company

TS Health LLC

TS Health LLC is a dealer in beauty, health and fitness products. The company has an easy to use website that allows customers to quickly browse through the collection of products available and make orders online. TS Health LLC prides itself in working with some of the most reputable manufacturers in order to provide clients with some of the safest and most effective products in the market today. Having a closer look at the company’s collection of products is key to learning more about what every customer can expect to get.

Meta Garcinia Slim

This product’s main ingredient is garcinia which is a fruit with the shape of a pumpkin commonly grown in Southeastern Asia. Various clinical trials have shown that this fruit’s properties inhibit fat absorption and effectively aid in health weight loss. This product is ideal for individuals that are trying to keep their weight in check. There have not been any reports of side effects.

Crevboost by TS Health LLC

This product contains natural ingredients making it possible for anyone to use without experiencing any side effects. The product allows for proper blood circulation and hence good nourishment for all parts of the body. It aids in muscle recovery and boosts energy making it possible for individuals to quickly achieve their fitness goals.


Testaboost is a powerful dietary supplement that mainly contains natural ingredients. It is known to help in the management of Andropause which is a condition in which testosterone levels are lower than normal. The product has various benefits including boosting of stamina, energy levels and enhancing male performance during sex. Athletic individuals who use the product can notice a significant progress in their goals after a short time of use.

My Glamorous Skin by TS Health LLC

My Glamorous Skin

This product is specially designed to cater to the nourishment of the skin in general. Its properties allow the skin to quickly regenerate and look radiant. The formula reduces skin sensitivity making it possible for individuals to enjoy their days without having to worry about unpleasant skin reactions when they come into contact with free allergens in the atmosphere. It also enhances natural skin repair processes meaning that skin injuries or scars can heal much faster when individuals use the product. The product is available in a stylish 15ml bottle.

My Dazzling Eyes

This youth eye gel contains some of the most powerful natural ingredients which is why it is widely known to achieve effective results. It is ideal for individuals who wish to get rid of dark circles on the skin, scars, sagginess and eye bags. The product’s anti aging properties keep the skin looking shiny and moisturized.

Green Coffee by Meta Garcinia Slim

This product is basically a compound extracted from unprocessed coffee beans. The product contain chlorogenic acid which is one of the substances scientists attribute to healthy weight loss. Chlorogenic acid acts by discouraging the body from producing high levels of glucose and this in turn makes it necessary for the body to use up excessive fats that may otherwise lead to health complications. For more information on TS Health LLC, check out their website here: http://tshealthshop.com/

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