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Benefits Of The Kick Pre-Workout Supplement

Most male athletes know that training is a comprehensive process that requires mental clarity, physical endurance, and the ability to focus intently on the desired objective. It is not possible to accomplish very much in the bodybuilding arena without muscular endurance and energy. Otherwise, the workout will fizzle halfway through and the desired results will never be achieved.

The Kick Pre-Workout supplement was developed to provide the nutrients and sustenance needed by the human body in order to have exceptionally successful workouts.

It is not surprising that if a person’s body does not have the proper nutrients, performing at an optimum level is virtually impossible.

The Kick is a new supplement that has definitely lived up to its promise of helping athletes and bodybuilders maintain their endurance, energy and ultimately make them stronger over time.

How It Works

Many consumers may wonder how The Kick works and what makes it different from other supplements. The supplement works by delivering a fast-acting blend of top-notch ingredients that constantly feed the person’s muscles during the workout. All ingredients were chosen for their ability to help bodybuilders and athletes to perform at optimum levels.

Benefits of The Kick

There are several benefits of the Kick Pre-Workout supplement, and these begin with an enhanced ability to focus. The supplement delivers the perfect amount of caffeine to fuel high intensity workouts and improve mental clarity; however, unlike many workout supplements, it is not overloaded with caffeine. This is because too much caffeine simply overtaxes the adrenal glands, causing the dreaded crash.

Additionally, The Kick is the first pre-workout supplement to combine whey protein isolate with the perfect dose of caffeine to stimulate one’s muscles.

Increased Muscle Tone and Definition

The ingredients in The Kick Pre-Workout supplement have been proven to increase muscle definition and muscle tone.

Increased Muscular Endurance Powerful Pumps

The Kick also contains top doses of nutrients that have been proven to enhance muscle cells and muscular development, which ultimately leads to the highest quality pumps a man can deliver during the strength training part of his work out.

Ingredients in The Kick

All ingredients in The Kick Pre-Workout supplement are essential, with no byproducts or filler substances:

Creatine Monohydrate-2.6g

Creatine monohydrate is the only form of creatine on today’s market that has been clinically proven to enhance muscle growth, strength and power. It can increase overall performance by 15-30 percent for the average man.

Whey Protein Isolate-2g

For bodybuilders, muscle growth is of the utmost importance, and research has proven that whey protein isolate can accelerate muscle development. This is typically welcome news for bodybuilders or anyone intent on improving his physique at a rapid pace.

Beta Alanine-800mg

Beta-Alanine, sometimes referred to as β-Alanine, is a natural amino acid in the beta family. It is responsible for muscle cell support and also enhances the development of lean muscle.


L-Citrulline is an organic amino acid that is vital to cell function. Certain fitness experts and nutritionists believe it can boost endurance during workouts by a significant amount.


L-Arginine increases the human body’s production of human growth hormone–HGH. This in turn, makes it easier to build muscle and maintain one’s endurance throughout strength training and aerobic workouts.

Caffeine Anhydrous-80mg

Caffeine Anhydrous enhances the production of epinephrine and norepinephrine, which ultimately increase one’s metabolism and helps him to oxidize fat stores.

Cinnamon Extract 50mg

Cinnamon extract stabilizes blood sugar, which is vitally important during workouts. In addition, it mimics insulin in the blood stream, which further prevents spikes and drops that can leave one exhausted or tempted to overeat following strength training sessions.

Omega 3 Fish Oil 17.5mg

Omega-3 fatty acids are poly-unsaturated fats. Studies suggest that supplementing with Omega-3 fatty acids lowers triglycerides levels and raises HDL–good–cholesterol. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids contain anticoagulant substances which have been proven to prevent blood clots.

The Science Behind the Kick

It does not take long to realize that Creatine Monohydrate plays a vital role in the science behind the effectiveness of The Kick. It has been a staple of bodybuilders for decades, due to its ability to increase strength and muscle mass.

Once it reaches the muscles, it becomes a major energy source, as it regenerates into a substance called ATP. Anyone who uses a Creatine Monohydrate-based formula can expect the following benefits:

• Increases in power and strength
• Enhanced lean muscle building
• Reduced muscle soreness and damage
• An increase in anaerobic endurance

How to Take the Kick

The proper dose of The Kick Pre-Workout supplement is one level scoop, which is approximately 12 grams.

Where to Order the Kick

Currently, The Kick Pre-Workout supplement can be ordered at https://thekickdrink.net or by calling 1-888-523-6204. Consumers should also watch for The Kick in stores such as GNC and Vitamin World in the future, as such establishments add new products on a regular basis.

What’s the Verdict?

The Kick was developed for serious bodybuilders and athletes who desire an extremely effective supplement. The formula delivers the promised results and all of its ingredients are backed by scientific facts. Professional football player, Nick Ferguson, and Vice President of American Green Energy, Andrea d’Agostini, are just two of many well-known men who have stated that the product does exactly what it promises.

Additionally, all consumers are offered a 100%, 90-day money back guarantee, during which they can return the supplement for a refund. Details of this guarantee can be reviewed at the website above. Ultimately, The Kick Pre-Workout is a promising new supplement that performs as promised.

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