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Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced Review

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced, a new dietary supplement from New Vitality, will likely become one the most popular supplements of its kind to follow the original Super Beta Prostate formula.

The success of this product is due to its amazing ProstaFend blend which is made up of three key ingredients that are balanced to perfection. Apart from these three main ingredients, P3 Advanced also contains nutrients such as selenium, zinc and a whopping 200% dose of vitamin D, all of which are vitally important for healthy prostate functionality.

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced Ingredients and Formula

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced is made up of three key ingredients, namely Beta-sitosterol, Lycopene and Reishi mushroom extract. What exactly are these ingredients and how do they improve prostate functionality?

#1 Beta-sitosterol — this ingredient is a plant sterol that occurs naturally in many vegetables and fruit, but in low amounts. Several clinical studies conducted reveal that beta-sitosterol can reduce common urinary problems, reduce the frequent urges to urinate, as well as improve urine flow.

#2 Lycopene — a carotenoid/pigment created by plants, lycopene is associated more commonly with tomatoes and has for many years throughout history, been used for supporting prostate health. According to preliminary studies, lycopene may also maintain healthy prostate size.

#3 Reishi mushroom — most prevalent in East Asia, reishi mushrooms have been used for more than two thousand years as a traditional Chinese herb for health! More importantly though, reishi mushroom extract according to studies, supports healthy prostate functionality and aids in reducing the urge to urinate.

Why is P3 Advanced different to other Prostate Supplements?

You will notice a couple of things when comparing P3 Advanced to other similar supplements.

• First, many other supplements contain a wide variety of ingredients which may look good on the label, but many of these ingredients may be absolutely useless.

• Secondly, other brands keep their prices down by using only small, inadequate amounts of each ingredient which again, make these products ineffective.

P3 Advanced on the other hand, contains only those ingredients that are backed by positive research with the amounts we use either meeting or exceeding research. P3 Advanced is therefore a science-based formula; the direct result of plenty of investigation from our side. Therefore, we are confident that the product will meet your expectations.

How is P3 Advanced different to Super Beta Prostate?

The classic Super Beta Prostate formula has one powerful main ingredient to improve prostate health. They made a significant improvement on this product by adding THREE key ingredients, each of which works in its own unique way to support healthy prostate functionality. They developed P3 Advanced specifically for men who want increased support together with added researched ingredients.

Reasons Why Men Should Consider Trying Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced?

Many men ignore prostate and urinary health, but why take the chance that things might stay okay? There is a good chance that you could find yourself having to go to the bathroom more often than usual, but why wait for that to happen when you can do something to help control those urges?

Give P3 Advanced a try and you’ll be giving your prostate key ingredients to help it stay healthy and function properly, and helping reduce making multiple trips to the bathroom. Apart from that, you will also be getting support from a science-based product trusted by thousands of men which has also received favorable reviews from other supplement review websites.

Key ingredients in Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced provide other benefits, including:

• No prescription necessary
• Urges to urinate are reduced
• Better bladder emptying
• Improved urine stream
• May help to support healthy prostate size
• Better quality of life

Where to purchase Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced?

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced can be easily ordered online, from their official website.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that you don’t want to have your life controlled by having to visit the bathroom at all hours of the day and night. The best way to prevent this from happening is to take P3 Advanced, the perfect formula for men who want to help their prostate stays healthy.

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