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Stella Rella LLC – Manufacturer Review

Stella Rella LLC

People are coming to the realization that much of what we need comes from nature.

The rise of organic farming has been very beneficial for me because the access to more organic products considerably lowered the prices and allowed people like me to make the switch without necessarily cutting a huge hole in the budget.

Other than eating healthy, I also found that there are certain beauty products using natural oils and essence that added so much value in my beauty regiment. Discovering the products of Stella Rella has been providential for me.

Stella Rella Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan oil is extracted from a nut by natives of Argan Forest in Morocco. They used the extracts for wound healing, rash relief, and nourishing treatment of hair and skin.

Stelle Rella Argan Oil

The extracts became so valuable that the UNESCO declared the Argan Reserve as a biosphere reserve to preserve and ensure the existence of the trees.

Thanks to companies like Stella Rella LLC, though, I was able to access the benefits of the product. I use the Pure Moroccan Argan oil as my nighttime moisturizer and it has become a staple in my daily skin regimen. I thoroughly liked how quickly it is absorbed by the skin without leaving an oily residue.

Even a few drops is enough to moisturize my neck and face, leaving me feeling refreshed when I wake up. I also use the oil to cleanse my face as it can function as a skin toner and exfoliator all at once!

Buying the product has lessened the amount of products that I have to buy because it combines the functions of different products in a few useful drops.n Most importantly, it has helped dry my acne and blemishes with just a few weeks of usage.

It is also great for revitalizing my hair. Even with constant hairdrying and hairstyling, I found that my hair is shinier and stronger these days. It is not as prone to hairfall as before and my scalp is moisturized enough the whole day that I have stopped using other leave-on moisturizers like I did before.

C Elegant Eye Serum by Stella Rella

Another great product from Stella Rella LLC is the C Elegant Eye Serum. Puffyy eyes, dark circles, and ominous eyebugs have been a constant problem for me! I have tried practically every product in the counter but found no relief at all until I ordered my first C Elegant Eye Serum!

C Elegant Serum

The puffiness of my eyelids had been reduced after two weeks of use and I feel like my eyes are looking more radiant these days. For working women like me, this is very important because we all want to maintain a youthful ageless look. What’s more is I have reduced my costs because the Eye Serum eliminated the need to buy a couple of products and make up to conceal my dark circles.

Given the positive experience I have of this company and its products, I am excited to try more of their offerings.

I have suggested Megadrox and Testadrox to my male friends and I have heard positive feedback so far on their interest in giving those products a try.

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