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Our Review: Why Should You Try ReGen For Men?

Studies have consistently shown a strong correlation between a man’s personal appearance and his self esteem. Self esteem largely dictates how others see you, meaning that poor self esteem can adversely affect your love life, job performance, and/or other endeavors. If you have been feeling down on yourself because you are starting to lose the hair on your head, ReGen For Men by Follinique can help you regrow both your hair and your confidence!

Plenty of other products make similar claims only to disappoint, so you would be forgiven if you are leery of hair loss supplements. We recently tried the product ourselves, however, and are pleased to report that it works as well as it is supposed to. Check out the full details of our review below:

How Does ReGen For Men Work?

ReGen For Men by Follinique helps men experiencing male pattern baldness by stimulating their hair follicles to spend more time in the active phase, called Anagen, at the expense of a rest phase called Telogen. Hair follicles grow thicker and stronger during the active phase, so men can get real hair regrowth results by maximizing the time spent within this active period.

What Ingredients Make ReGen For Men Effective?

The principle ingredient in ReGen For Men is Minoxidil, the only over-the-counter substance approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat hair loss. Other products incorporate this powerful ingredient as well, but they frequently dilute it with water and chemical fillers that can actually make their products hazardous to apply.

ReGen For Men offers a clinical-strength 5-percent Minoxidil formulation to deliver real results, blending it with only all-natural ingredients to facilitate the hair regrowth process. The most important of these is an enzyme called SULT1A that helps chemically convert Minoxidil into its most potent form, Minoxidil Sulfate. Competing products commonly exclude this vital facilitator, preventing them from matching the effectiveness of ReGen For Men even if they avoid additives and provide a proper dose of Minoxidil.

There are also no harmful chemical additives in ReGen For Men, eliminating the possibility of adverse reactions to the product. This makes ReGen For Men a viable long-term hair loss solution when used as directed.

What’s The Science Behind ReGen For Men?

Plenty of science supports the efficacy of ReGen For Men. Its active ingredient, Minoxidil, has been used to stimulate hair growth for over 25 years with millions of satisfied users across the globe. Minoxidil acts as a potassium channel opener to hyper-polarize the cell membranes in the scalp, ensuring that your hair follicles get all of the oxygen and nutrients they need to maintain their active phase as long as possible. The product also helps widen the blood vessels in the area to allow for more efficient transport of these vital nutrients.

The specific formulation of ReGen For Men has also stood up to scientific scrutiny. In one recent clinical trial, 65 percent of users reported hair regrowth or at least a reduction in the pace of their hair loss after four months of using the product. Most hair loss solutions require six months to a year to start demonstrating results, making ReGen For Men one of the faster solutions on the market. Better yet, 54 percent of the 65 percent who reported results above experienced significant hair regrowth, proving that ReGen For Men can actually replace lost hair.

Is ReGen For Men Worth Buying?

Regrowing your hair and your self esteem provides many valuable benefits, so any product that may be able to help you do so is worth serious consideration. ReGen For Men is the best product of its type on the market, making it a strong option for anyone looking to regrow hair. We strongly recommend it!

How Can You Order ReGen For Men Online?

ReGen For Men is not available in stores, but it can be purchased from large e-commerce sites such as Amazon and the manufacturer’s website, Follinique-Regen.com. The manufacturer is currently offering a free trial that allows you to experience ReGen For Men yourself for just $4.95 to cover shipping and handling, making now an ideal time to try it. The product is also backed by a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by purchasing it today.

Final Thoughts: What Do We Think?

Regrowing lost hair becomes more challenging to longer you wait to do it, so try ReGen For Men today! We’re confident it will deliver the results you have been searching for.

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