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ProbioStress Review – Stress Management

Can ProbioStress Help The Brain-Gut Connection To Alleviate Stress?

Many people are affected by stress issues due to a number environmental and lifestyle factors. If left untreated, the problem can drastically reduce well-being and quality of life. Fortunately, there are many effective solutions to counter the problem. ProbioStress is one of the best choices available on the market when it comes to dealing with stress.

ProbioStress product image 200x300pxI personally prefer the product for a variety of reasons, including its ability to counteract cognitive decline. Created by GPE, ProbioStress is a patented product that comes with synergistic ingredients designed to produce a virtuous circle in the brain gut axis. It is a mixture of probiotic strains and saffron extract.

The ingredients boost its capacity to generate a unique formulation and standardization. The saffron extract is standardized in crocin using a highly dependable HPLC quantification. On the other hand, GPE used an advanced procedure to ensure the survival of the probiotic strains when combined with vegetal extract.

I rely on the efficacy of ProbioStress because it works every time thanks to its clinically proven formula. In 2014, a placebo controlled clinical study, which was also double-blind randomized was conducted to prove the effectiveness of ProbioStress. The study focused on 30 people who were assessed on the basis of the following variables:

– Mood improvement
– Reduction in cognitive decline
– Improvement in state of relaxation
– Mild depression amelioration
– Reduction of compulsive habit
– Decrease of mental stress symptoms

The results of placebo controlled study showed that the majority of participants experienced a marked improvement in relaxation state. One of the anti-stress supplement’s key benefits that I have noticed include improving global sleep quality.

Mechanism of action

The body’s second brain (intestinal microbiota) plays a key role in influencing mood patterns mainly through the production of brain active metabolites. Probiostress exploits this connection to act on both the intestinal microbiota and the brain. In the end, this action makes it easy to feel more relaxed, thus improving overall wellness and quality of life.


Saffron extract provides the much-needed antidepressant properties. Its efficacy has been demonstrated in a number of clinical human trials. Research has also shown that there is no deleterious interactions that occur between drugs and the extract. The ingredient employs multiple mechanisms to achieve the mood balancing action.

The broad range of mechanisms include:

– Activation of gene that take part in oxidation regulation
– Selective serotonin reuptake inhibition
– Anti-inflammatory effects
– Elevation of dopamine and glutamate levels
– Antioxidant activity
– Interaction with HPA system

saffron extractThese mechanisms allow saffron extract to counteract chronic stress effects: Meanwhile, crocins are known to prevent insulin resistance, promote sleep recovery, lower fatigue and inhibit pancreatic lipase.

Probiotic strains are made of live microorganisms, which can regulate various bodily functions, including bowel movement, inflammation and improve the equilibrium in gut microflora. Recent neurobiological studies have uncovered a bidirectional communication network between the brain and the gut. The system is responsible for the maintenance of higher cognitive functions and gastrointestinal homeostasis.

Probiostress side effects

The placebo controlled and double-blind randomized clinical study found no link between the use of Probiostress and any side effects. This can be attributed to the all-natural ingredients used to make the supplement. The participants of the study did not experience any discomfort or undesirable event. Instead, they enjoyed improved sleeping patterns and felt less fatigue after a six-week period under observation.

Medical practitioners link anxiety disorders to lack of sufficient sleep. The self-evaluation questionnaire confirmed this aspect in the clinical study. Unlike pharmaceutical anxiolytics, Probiostress does not lead to locomotor and cognitive impairments or dizziness. It is generally well-tolerated.

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