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ProbioHeart Review – For A Healthy Heart And Gut

What if a supplement could help make people feel healthier on multiple levels at once? Such a feat would mean consumers could take one pill each day instead of two or more and maybe even stop taking some of the remedies they require to feel good or at least reasonable each day.

SmartBiotics, makers of ProbioHeart, believe they have come up with one pill to support consumers’ heart and gut health at the same time.

ProbioHeart: Overview

SmartBiotics hopes that their new holistic product will support digestive efficiency and heart health simultaneously. Probioheart will supposedly reduce cortisol (stress hormones), improve circulation, support cardiovascular health, generally, and promote better digestion. In most cases, the active ingredients are said to be effective as long as the user does not suffer from ongoing medical concerns such as heart disease, thereby helping proactive individuals with healthy lifestyles to prevent the onset of circulatory, cardiovascular, and digestive diseases and conditions.

probioheart bottles size 350x300pxIngredients in ProbioHeart

How does SmartBiotics aim to achieve these feats in the human body? Their blend contains Unique IS-2, a probiotic formula which lowers cholesterol by promoting better absorption of nutrients in the gut and leaving behind beneficial active bacteria. Sensoril lowers cortisol which can create inflammation in the heart. With a special blend of B-Vitamins, blood vessels are strengthened; thus, circulation gets some much needed support. LactoSpore is another gut-relieving essential reportedly put to work in the intestines.

Why Are These Features Important?

ProbioHeart is aiming at an audience of 40 to 65+ men and women. When one views statistics regarding heart disease and digestive problems, this is the age-range where bad things start happening. People frequently complain of bloating, digestive irregularities, and having a difficult time digesting food. The walls of blood vessels might not be as strong as they once were and stress-related inflammation starts to take its toll. Medical figures show that one is more likely to experience a heart attack or cardiovascular incident within this age bracket than in the years before a consumer turns 40. Meanwhile, the age of 40 is when a lot of consumers, both men and women, start to think more carefully about how to strengthen their bodies for mid-life and beyond.

Product Considerations

Combining heart and gut support in one product suggests that SmartBiotics has been reading between the lines, understanding what scientists and natural health professionals have been saying about nutrition and overall health. If the digestive system is unable to absorb nutrients, no supplement or diet will ward off high cholesterol, stroke, and other cardiovascular ailments. One’s GI tract must be working effectively in order to absorb stress-fighting, fat-fighting, hormone-supporting elements from foods and holistic supplements; vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Few people actually consume enough probiotics or their diets are so full of refined foods and saturated fats that their guts are in turmoil.

All a person has to do is take one capsule daily with food. The cost of each tablet is high at roughly $2 ($59.99 for 30), but only one is required daily. No refrigeration is required. The product is new, so SmartBiotics can’t initiate a lot of savings opportunities yet. When they are established, perhaps promotional deals will emerge to bring the price down, but just think about it: one pill every day could alleviate a lot of discomfort.

One must also realize this is not a cure for heart disease, IBS, or serious digestive conditions. If bloating and gas persist, there could be a more sinister problem at the root of it which should be addressed. Taking ProbioHeart won’t necessarily be the remedy for everything ailing a person. Then again, if the pill is as effective as it claims to be, many uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms could be allayed simply. Suddenly, $2 a day sounds cheap.

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