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Patriot Power Greens Review

One of the best ways to achieve optimum health is to eat fruits and vegetables. However, even that by itself can be difficult not to mention inconvenient. Whether we want it or not, it’s just hard to consume enough fruits and veggies on a daily basis. What if there’s a green drink that will enable you to get your fruits and vegetables in the easiest way possible? This is what the Patriot Power Greens supplement promises and more. Patriot Power Greens is an anti-aging supplement designed to restore boundless energy for seniors all across America.

Is Patriot Power Greens worth your hard-earned money? Here’s our review to help you find out if this supplement is for you.patriot power greens bottle

What’s Patriot Power Greens?

Patriot Power Greens is a product made by an American company called Patriot Health Alliance. This health supplement is said to be created by the US military in order to restore the youthful vitality of its senior members. This particular connection with the military is the reason for the product’s name. A great deal of scientific research went into the formulation of this powerful green drink. In fact, Patriot Health Alliance has collaborated with Dr. Lane Sebring, a board member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine to formulate Patriot Power Greens.

In its essence, this is a green drink which claims to be the most convenient way to get your fruits and vegetables in. With that said, Patriot Power Greens promises a multitude of health benefits but its biggest claim to fame is the fact that it reduces chronic inflammation.

What’s Chronic Inflammation and How Can Patriot Power Greens Help?

New research indicates that chronic inflammation has been the root cause of just about every symptom of aging. This inflammation has been found out to affect the health of the heart and arteries, brain, nerve cells and even the growth of the cells. The most common symptoms that put seniors into a life of pain and fatigue are all caused by chronic inflammation.

How can you combat chronic inflammation? The main idea of Patriot Power Greens to reduce chronic inflammation is to flood the system with alkaline-rich foods. What’s the best source of alkaline? That’s right, they’re found in fruits and vegetables. However, consuming enough fruits and veggies can be difficult for most if not all people. The goal of this green drink is to help remedy that by turning your fruits and vegetables into a delicious green drink.

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What are The Best Thing About Patriot Power Greens?

Upon testing the product for a couple of weeks, here are some of the benefits I’ve experienced with Patriot Power Greens:

Made from 100% organic ingredients – aside from having 38 different fruits and vegetables in its list of ingredients, they are also 100% natural and organic. This is a good thing because you don’t really want to consume a green drink full of chemicals and pesticides.

Most convenient way to consume fruits and vegetables – again, there are 38 different fruits and vegetables in Patriot Power Greens. Now, compare that with your average supermarket juices like V8 with only 8 vegetables and fruits. It’s really comes across as a superfood drink.

Superb digestive health – on top of having health boosting fruits and veggies, Patriot Power Greens also feature 10 probiotic strains and 7 digestive enzymes for great digestive health.

Paleo and vegan friendly – Dr. Lane Sebring himself is a Paleo practitioner so you can expect that this drink will be Paleo-friendly as well. You will find no GMOs, wheat, soy, gluten, nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish and the like here. Paleo activist and doctor, Lane Sebring M.D., has backed the product.

Pain relief and energy booster – again, this is designed for the senior population. So it’s formulated to relieve pains and joint discomfort associated with aging. Taking this product will also restore your energy levels and even help with sleep problems.

Tastes great – for a green drink, it’s fair to expect that a green drink will taste bitter and terrible. Well, that’s not the case with this one at all because Patriot Health Alliance has worked so hard to make their green drink taste great!

Patriot Power Greens Label

Final Thoughts: Is Patriot Power Greens Worth The Money?

Although, Patriot Power Greens is marketed towards the older adult population, I don’t see any reason why it won’t benefit adults like me. After all, Patriot Power Greens is the most convenient way for me to get fruits and veggies in my daily diet. For me, that’s good enough reason to recommend Patriot Power Greens. Add the multitude of health benefits that it provides and you’ve got yourself a pretty awesome green drink. With a 200% money-back guarantee, there’s no reason for you not to try Patriot Power Greens.

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