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Nitric Flow Review – Better Circulation Through Supplementation

Nitric Flow is a powerful supplement from First Health Solutions Inc., a company based in Boston, MA. The product is formulated to boost circulation, which enables various parts of the body to receive more blood flow. The supplement is useful for men looking to increase circulation. It can be used by fitness enthusiasts, including bodybuilders. On the other hand, aging can contribute to poor circulation, thus necessitating supplementation and for men desiring enhancement with respect to sexual performance.

Bottle image of Nitric Flow

Optimal circulation not only delivers much-needed nutrients but also boosts oxygen supply to muscle tissue and other organs. It derives effectiveness from a number of natural ingredients that boost nitric oxide levels in the body. Users can feel more energetic, rejuvenated and alert. The supplement works better when combined with exercise and sleep like most supplements in this vertical require.

Nitric Flow ingredients

Nitric Flow leverages the power of the PumpViv NO2 blend, which comprises L-Arginine, L-Arginine Ketoglutarate and L-arginine Monohydrocholoride 2-1. The product also contains dipotassium phosphate, L-citrulline, gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and dicalcium phosphate.


L-citrulline is known to provide a viable way to improve blood flow. It achieves the objective by creating nitric oxide. It is an amino acid, which is typically converted by the body into L-Arginine. The production of nitric oxide (NO) helps improve the dilation of blood vessels. NO is a form of gas.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) can benefit from circulation enhancement as a result of this supplement containing this specific ingredient.


L-Arginine comes with antiplatelet, antiatherogenic antithrombotic and antiischemic properties. It is widely used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The ingredient has the capacity to function as a growth stimulant. It raises nitric oxide levels, which is produced by a wide variety of human cells. Elevated nitric oxide is beneficial to anyone suffering from cardiovascular diseases and sickle cell disease.

L-Arginine is officially categorized as a nonessential amino acid. However, it can be classified differently under distressful circumstances. The ingredient is considered a precursor to nitric oxide. It is the only nutritional substrate for cells known as endothelical.

Dipotassium Phosphate:

Dipotassium phosphate helps achieve faster post-workout muscle recovery. It is also effective when it comes to bolstering endurance, increasing energy levels and the delivery of oxygen to muscle tissues. These benefits are crucial for anyone involved in resistance training and other sporting activities. Research studies have shown that this ingredient can inhibit the buildup of lactic acid, which negatively affects energy levels.

Dipotassium Phosphate is also responsible for enhancing the absorption of other Nitric Flow ingredients. In turn, this improves the effectiveness of the formula.

Label and list of ingredients contained in Nitric Flow

How To Take Nitric Flow?

The manufacturer recommends that users take two capsules once or twice per day. However, the supplement is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women which shouldn’t be a surprise as this supplement is a formula for men. Users should always consult a doctor when considering taking Nitric Flow or any supplement for that matter to address any health concerns.

Key Benefits

Nitric Flow elevates energy levels and ensures optimal delivery of nutrients to muscle tissue. This is important for maximizing growth and blood flow throughout all areas of the body. L-arginine widens the blood vessels to improve the flow of oxygen and various types of nutrients. Adequate blood flow eliminates problems associated with fatigue and makes it easier to lose body fat. As a result, bodybuilders can build an impressive physique by getting the “pump” they’re looking for.

Nitric oxide boosters are known for their capacity to help athletes perform better during workouts. In addition, they support better sleep, which enables users to start the new day feeling revitalized, energized, motivated and alert.

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