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Lux Ceramides Anti-Aging Skin Cream Review

Luxx Ceramides is a youth cream for women that contains Argireline® np, a neuropeptide compound that triggers muscle relaxation in the face to minimize wrinkles. This cream is an alternative to injection anti-aging treatments for women who have crow’s feet, poor skin texture, aging spots, and laugh lines.


While the main ingredient in Luxx Ceramides is Argireline® np, it also contains ceramide complexes, TRYLAGEN®, Hydresia®SF2, and Matrixyl®3000. Here’s how these compounds work together to create smoother, younger-looking skin:

  • Argireline® np: Also known as acetyl hexapeptide-8, this compound supports firm, wrinkle-free skin, fills smile lines and wrinkles, and minimizes fine lines. It also hydrates your skin and supports your skin’s ability to protect itself with natural defenses.
  • Ceramide Complex CLRTM K: This complex rejuvenates the skin and encourages skin cells to regenerate, which helps soothe skin affected by dermatitis and eczema.
  • DermalRx® HydroSeal: Also known as TRYLAGEN®, this compound features three-in-one collagen support by increasing production and organization while minimizing degradation.
  • Hydresia® SF2: This compound supports skin elasticity, which helps your skin bounce back without developing expression wrinkles. It also helps keep your skin soft by encouraging skin cell cohesion.
  • Matrixyl® 3000: This combination of A, C, and E vitamins contains antioxidants to help detoxify your body from free radicals. It also helps shed dead skin cells and stimulate new cell growth for smooth and healthy-looking skin.

This unique blend of science-based ingredients keep your skin feeling and looking youthful, without the hassle and discomfort of painful injections or invasive surgical treatments.

Suggested Use

This anti-aging cream is thick and moisturizing, making it a good choice for a night cream. Apply it in the evening after cleansing, exfoliating, and drying your skin. This helps prevent moisture loss at night as you sleep, keeping your skin even more hydrated and smooth.


Luxx-Cermides_BottleThe manufacturer offers a free trial so that you can see if Luxx Ceramides works for your skin type. The trial offer lets you receive a 31-day supply of Luxx Ceramides for the cost of shipping, or $4.95 total. Your trial period lasts 18 days from the day that you order your trial. If you like the product, keep it and you’ll be billed the cost of the product, or $129.74.

If you do end up keeping the product, then Luxx Ceramides also enrolls you in their month-to-month subscription program so that you never run out of anti-aging cream by forgetting to order. The month-to-month cost is the same as the cost of the trial, or $129.74.

Potential Side Effects

While it’s possible for any skin product to cause a reaction, the manufacturer does not have any potential side effects listed for Luxx Ceramides. You should always spot-test new skin products before using them full-time.


When you feel younger than your age, you don’t want to waste time in dermatologists’ offices getting injections and treatments to treat your aging skin. When you choose Luxx Ceramides, you take advantage of a huge benefits: great results, but without the need for invasive skin treatments. Every treatment is a simple application of anti-aging cream, easy to make part of your daily routine.

Better yet, Luxx Ceramides and its proprietary blend of ingredients supports healthy and youthful skin as you age. When you make Luxx Ceramides part of your daily routine, you can expect:

  • Healthier skin
  • Hydrated skin
  • Smooth skin
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Less fine lines
  • Reduction in aging spots

Ordering Process

You can order Luxx Ceramides online. Luxx Ceramides stands behind their product and only want you to buy it if you’ve had a chance to try it for yourself, so they only offer their product as part of a trial subscription.

There’s a simple sign-up form located on the homepage, where you can enter your information and request a trial subscription. Trials last 18 days, and if you keep the product beyond the trial’s expiration, then you’ll be billed and will continue to receive the product every month.

If you find that Luxx Ceramides doesn’t work for you, then contact Luxx Ceramides customer service to cancel your subscription. You can e-mail customer.service@luxxcermides.com, or you can call 844-391-0619 between 8am and 12pm EST during the week, or 8am and 9am EST during the weekend.

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