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IQ Genex – The Mental Edge You’ve Been Waiting For?

IQ Genex is the first brain performance product that has been formulated to deliver caffeine into your body with a natural time release style that doesn’t cause your heart to overwork. WGCP™, the key ingredient contains organic caffeine derived from the fiber of raw, whole coffee beans.

WGCP™ has been clinically tested and proven to enhance mental stamina. It also eliminates the peaks and lows typically associated with other caffeine supplements. This product has been formulated by medical professionals. It can safeguard your valuable memories and assist revising students. It gives you a vital surge of energy when you need it most to ensure your day is more productive. Essentially, the innovative supplement IQ Genex is designed to boost and harness your brain power.

Why You Should Try IQ Genex

• Faster Information Processing — In our modern fast-paced world, being agile mentally and the ability to quickly assimilate information is vital for success. The difference between your failure and success could be the fast and focused thinking being facilitated by IQGENEX.

• Boosts both Short and Long-Term Memory — When streamlining your performance or learning new skills, this is essential if you want to become more efficient.

• Fortifies the Brain — This supplement protects your brain’s cognitive faculties and counteracts any signs of brain fog. This leads increased endurance.

• Boosts your Working Memory–This is crucial as it helps you in mastering tasks quickly, making you more efficient in what you do.

Ingredients in IQ Genex

WGCP™ is the key ingredient in IQGENEX. It delivers the caffeine into your system slowly over time, and this is the feature that sets this performance supplement apart from other caffeinated product available on the market today. WGCP™ doesn’t cause caffeine spikes in your body. The benefit of this is that IQ Genex does not lead to headaches, restlessness, sleeplessness, anxiety, stomach irritation, or a higher heart rate as the caffeine is released slowly into your body.

To learn more about WGCP™ check out: https://gobean.com/what-is-wgcp/

Science behind IQ Genex

Cleveland Clinic, a highly reputable American hospital carried out a study on Whole Green Coffee Powder (WGCP™), the chief ingredient of IQ Genex. The clinical study evaluated how WGCP™ affects people’s ability to perform diverse mental functions associated with spatial working memory, impulsiveness sustained attention, and response inhibition. The findings showed that it not only enhances mental focus and concentration for between 5 and 6 hours but also the fact that it generates no side effects.

What Are People Saying About IQ Genex?

Tony J, in Tampa, Florida says he used to cram for his law exams, staying up all night and forcing himself to read without success. Just one week after being introduced to IQ GENEX, he began to clearly visualize everything in his brain and his confidence came back. For the first time, he was able to pass the exam with a high percentile!

Jeniffer M. from Fullerton in California says that her son was having challenges of remaining focused when in class. After the initial IQ GENEX dose, her son’s focus came back, and he was able to get work done. According to his teacher, there was a major improvement. Her son is now feeling more confident in himself because he’s doing much better in school.

Where Can You Buy IQ Genex?

Compared to the competition, IQ Genex soars high above. This powerful supplement is available for a free trial at https://www.iqgenex.com/trial/. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and place your order for this revolutionary brain supplement that has been designed to give the user ultimate brain power.

Is IQ Genex Worth It?

The question everybody is asking is whether Is IQ Genex is worth it? With this innovative brain performance supplement, things like phone contacts or names of people easily come to you. Nothing will obstruct your natural mental processes. Rest assured with IQ Genex, your mind will be alert, ready and primed for those special and demanding moments in life when peak mental performance is demanded out of you.

IQ Genex allows you to avoid those unwelcome mental lapses during vital moments. Certainly, this is an attribute that people who are involved in demanding careers or academic study will find very useful. When your body is tired, probably from an active social life, the brain may not be functioning at its optimum. IQ Genex has been designed to help your mind stay focused and maintain your concentration, and to solve mental problems fast, efficiently as well as enjoy healthy relationships with those you are dealing or interacting with.

Conclusion – Our Thoughts

Different from most brain stimulants available on the supplement market today, IQ Genex has been designed to deliver its unique ingredients in stages so that it keeps you mentally alert throughout the day without low periods of anxiety or stress. This ensures you are better placed to stay focused and alert even during moments of heavy mental loads. You can access the IQ Genex supplement for a risk-free trial, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out.