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Force Factor GainZzz: Supplementing Muscle Growth & Recovery


Sleep is an important part of human existence. Most health experts believe a good night’s sleep is crucial to maintain health. Human beings are the only mammal that willfully delays sleep. Falling asleep–deep sleep–is important for several reasons, like mood enhancement, long-term memory retention, and muscle building.

There could be several factors interrupting your sleep. Perhaps you are stressed at work, or you are troubled about your situation. Getting enough sleep is an essential key to good health. And, even though it is often overlooked, it is especially important if you are trying to gain muscle.

GainZzz is a supplement for those who need to sleep better while attempting to grow muscle mass.

How GainZzz Optimizes Your Sleep

The first step is to admit that you are not getting your full 8 hours of sleep or that your sleeping patterns are a little sporadic. This means that you constantly get up in the middle of the night.

One of the most important ingredients in GainZzz is melatonin. Melatonin is a neurotransmitter that is naturally produced in the brain when it is time to go to sleep. This neurotransmitter is triggered by a slight drop in atmospheric temperature and darkness. This is one of reasons why turning off the lights at least an hour before you plan to go to bed is a good idea. It is also a good idea to keep your home’s temperature at 68 degrees or so at night.

But the melatonin that your brain produces may not be enough, especially if you are having trouble falling asleep. This is why the melatonin in the GainZzz supplement should be effective. Melatonin is also responsible for making sure your body reaches ‘deep sleep,’ which is when the brain forms long-term memories, enhances cognitive functions (improves mood), and helps grow muscles at an accelerated rate.

GainZzz also contains a healthy dose of Holy Basil Leaf extract. This is another powerful sleep inducing ingredient that is also natural. It helps your brain sync to your internal clock better and helps you feel drowsy. This particular plant has also been found to be deeply relaxing.

Force Factor GainZzz

Many of the reasons that people have trouble sleeping is because of stress. Stress creates a neurotransmitter in the brain called cortisol. Cortisol elevates heart rate and activates the entire ‘flight or fight’ response. In short, cortisol is not a neurotransmitter that helps you go to sleep. Cortisol is also associated with anxiety, which can also lead to sleep deprivation.

GainZzz will help you fall asleep peacefully to achieve the kind of deep sleep that promotes strong muscle mass growth. You might also be interested to know that Holy Basil has been known to increase libido from time to time.

GainZzz contains other ingredients that are meant to help increase muscle recuperation, as well as relaxation. You will need a good night’s rest after a vigorous workout. And this supplement will also help improve brain functions as well, which should help improve your overall health.

We feel that GainZzz by Force Factor is the perfect recovery supplement to compliment any of the other products in the Force Factor line such as VolcaNO Fury, Test X180 Ignite, or Test X180 Alpha which focus on pre-workout, stamina, and endurance. GainZzz is the perfect supplement to “come down” and help give your body what it needs most after a rigorous workout or hard day on that job – sleep!

GainZzz can be purchased from Force Factor website: https://www.forcefactor.com/products/gainzzz

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