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Alphadrox: The Next Body-Building Breakthrough?


Alphadrox is a top-of-the-line, workout-enhancing supplement that is designed to help your body reach its peak potential.

Designed specifically with men’s sports performance in mind, each wonderful capsule of unique ingredients encourages the male body to release more testosterone, increase stamina capabilities, and encourage more blood flow.

As any supplement lover would know, these are all components to a rocking lift session. Read on to find out more about what is in these miracle pills and how they can help you with your next workout or sports activity.

Reviewing Alphadrox – A Deeper Look

Little known but so beneficial in the arena of men’s sports is a little amino acid known as L-arginine-alpha-ketoglurate. It’s a long name, but it’s got a long list of benefits to match. This obscure building block of protein has already been used in many areas of the medical community to help kidney, stomach, and liver issues. Now it is proving to be very beneficial in the sports community, as well.

What does it do? you may ask. Well, first, it assists the liver in the production of nitric acid, which in turn has the important job of breaking down ammonia in your muscles, a by-product of hard exercise. When it breaks down this compound, L-arginine contributes to a better production of nitrous oxide, which makes sure that your muscles are getting an extra dosage of blood, nutrients, and glucose. With L-arginine-alpha-ketoglurate, your body is better equipped to handle the rigorous demands exercising calls for. Many athletes use this amino acid and report less stiffness, and oftentimes pain, at the end of their workouts and over the course of their recovery.

Another important ingredient in Alphadrox is L-citrulline mallate. Essentially, it has the same job as L-arginine, but it is a much longer lasting amino acid. While the L-arginine will help your muscle performance in the short term, L-citrulline’s effects last for a while, leading to a better performance for extended periods of time. It is a major component of Alphadrox’s supplement because while the l-arginine serves you right away, L-citrulline takes a while to break down and become L-arginine, leading to a finer, longer-lasting result.

Alphadrox Ingredients

Caffeine anhydrous is another very important component in Alphadrox’s formula. It is, essentially, a very concentrated form of caffeine, which is well known in sports circles for its affects on the human body. Increasing energy levels, extending muscular endurance, boosting fat loss, and decreasing soreness are just a few benefits that caffeine anhydrous brings to the Alphadrox blend of muscle-boosting enzymes.

Alphadrox’s final ingredient in this amazing proprietary blend is called L-norvaline. Its job is to block the chemical reaction that might cut short the affects of the previous three ingredients. So you may take the other ingredients before your workout and feel great, but before the workout was finished you’d probably feel the affects wearing off; that’s where L-norvaline steps in. It inhibits the production of arginase, which slows the production of nitrous oxide. In turn, this means that L-norvaline gives Alphadrox an even longer-lasting affect than your traditional workout-boosting supplement.

Alphadrox is a great way to increase your stamina and muscle health. It’s easy, too…only two little pills a day is all that’s needed to bring these results into your routines. After all, what body lifter wouldn’t like an awesome pump session every day?

Could Alphadrox be the body-building breakthrough that the sports world has been looking for? With ingredients that will both help increase short and long-term affects on your body, it is the perfect supplement for anyone wanting to help their body be the absolute best it can be. Give it a try today!

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