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Alpha King by Force Factor – The Latest and Greatest

As men age, their natural levels of testosterone begin to decline. This fact is responsible for a variety of undesirable effects on the body, including a decreased libido, reduced muscle mass, and a general sluggish feeling that makes it challenging to power through the day.

Men have the option of countering these effects through the use of supplements, but many of them fail to deliver on the results they promise.

Force Factor is an exception to this rule. Founded by a pair of rowers on the Harvard University rowing team, Force Factor provides quality supplements of premium ingredients to help all of their customers experience the results they want. The company already offers a powerful line of natural testosterone boosters called Test X180, but appear poised to take their testosterone game to an even higher level with a new product called Force Factor Alpha King.

The Latest Supplement by Force Factor: Alpha King

To date, the best testosterone boosters on the market use a compound called Testofen. Testofen is a standardized extract from the fenugreek plant clinically proven to support male vitality and sexual health. Force Factor’s own Test X180 line uses Testofen, so it is safe to say that they trust this product to deliver real results.

That said, Alpha King foregoes Testofen in favor of a new compound called AlphaFen. AlphaFen is also an extract from the fenugreek plant, but it offers benefits beyond what the older product brings to the table.

New Free-Testosterone Boosting Ingredient: AlphaFen

AlphaFen is more bio-available than Testofen, enabling users to take a smaller dose and still receive all of the benefits of the supplement. While other products require the laborious consumption of two or more pills per day, Alpha King users take only one capsule to boost their levels of free testosterone.

AlphaFen also contains a very high concentration of sapogenins, a compound naturally occurring in fenugreek that helps inhibit the enzymes responsible for converting free testosterone into estrogen. Once these enzymes are turned off, the body is better able to maintain the testosterone levels found in younger men, providing a broad range of benefits including increased sexual performance and desire, improved muscle mass, and an energy spike that makes it more feasible to stick with a workout regimen.

The experts at Force Factor believe that AlphaFen offers additional advantages over other products as well, and clinical trials are already underway to prove it. If and when these benefits are confirmed, Force Factor Alpha King will be the best natural testosterone booster on the market.

How Does Alpha King Work? Formula and Active Ingredients

AlphaFen is the star ingredient in Alpha King’s formulation, naturally producing testosterone to help men feel their best. However, it is not the only active ingredient in this excellent product. It also contains black maca, an herb clinically proven to support an athlete’s performance and stamina. These effects closely mirror the benefits of increased testosterone levels, making them an ideal pairing for maximum results.

Furthermore, the product contains tribulus terrestris to promote blood circulation to the extremities. Muscles require oxygen and other nutrients carried through the circulatory system to work hard and grow stronger, so anything facilitating their efficient transport can be expected to produce significant results in the gym.

Finally, Alpha King contains Diindolylmethane, or DIM, to inhibit the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. It also converts estrogen into a less active form, reducing its impact on the body so that the testosterone boost can provide the intended benefits.

Dosing is critical when taking any supplement. For example, DIM actually promotes the conversion of testosterone into estrogen at high dosages, so more is definitely not better. Alpha King has a beneficial dose that delivers the effects promised, but knock-offs are likely to up the dosage to claim that they’re better. Don’t fall for that trap!

Where Can Alpha King Be Purchased?

Alpha King by Force Factor will be available exclusively at GNC retail locations. It will cost $69.99 per month supply, a very affordable price point considering all of the research that went into it.

Why Should Men Consider Trying Alpha King?

If you’re a man looking for more energy, sex drive, or muscle mass, Alpha King is the product for you. Alpha King will been endorsed by a former athlete, widely considered the greatest athlete of all time for his success in both the NFL and MLB.

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