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4Patriots Review – The Best Emergency Preparedness Products?

Yes, it’s unlikely for a major disaster to occur, but if a disaster were to happen the company 4Patriots, LLC is providing resources to ultimately help you survive. The peace of mind of knowing that you and your family will be all right is enough of a reason to look into their product line. We will get more into their product line in just a bit. 4Patriots, based out of Nashville, TN, is helping people sleep easier at night with their emergency preparation line. Food4Patriots by 4Patriots

About 4Patriots

Based out of Nashville, 4Patriots has helped thousands of people and families sleep easier knowing they are prepared for even the worst situation. The company has created several different products alongside an informational guide which all help people prepare for any emergency.

If you are looking out for the well being of yourself and your family, 4Patriots has exactly what you need. Lets take a deeper look into their product line.

4Patriots Product Line

Currently, the company sells four different products. This includes Food4Patriots, Water4Patriots, Power4Patriots guide, and SurvivalSeeds4Patriots.

Food4Patriots is a delicious and nutritious meal set that has a 25 year shelf life. These meals are made with non-GMO ingredients, they contain no harmful preservatives, and are easy to prepare. Food items include: Chocolate Pudding, Traveler’s Stew, Summer’s Best Corn Chowder, and Maple Grove Oatmeal to name a few.

Food4Patriots is available in a variety of different packages ranging in size and duration. Food4Patriots provides superior food quality, great tasting food, an excellent track record and a fantastic customer service line to help you along the way with any questions or potential concerns.


Without water our bodies could not survive. Water4Patriots is a water survival system that uses a purifying system to easily create safe drinkable water.

The company says the “LifeStraws” are able to filter out 99.999% of water-born bacteria. Even better these straws can filter up to 264 gallons of water enough to keep one person with safe drinking water for 1.5 years.


Provides a series of manuals to help you become more self-proficient. These manuals provide instruction on how to build your own solar panels, water heaters, wind turbines and solar heaters. Power is something that will most likely not be available during a disaster, so having these how-to guides could be extremely useful.


This last product contains 4Patriots “Liberty Seed Vault” containing 5,640 seeds from 22 different plants. These seeds will give you the ability to cover all of your nutritional needs in an emergency situation. The seeds include radish, winter squash, carrot, lettuce, onion, cauliflower, and zucchini along with several other plants. What sets these seeds apart from others available is there shelf life. They can be stored for at least five years at room temperature, with the life expectancy lengthening at colder temperatures.

4Patriots: Should You Buy In or Not?

Now, with all information illustrated above on 4Patriots, are they a premier emergency preparedness company? The company has an A-rating with the BBB, which is fantastic. In addition, with their money back guarantee to help back up their claims, 4Patriots is a legitimate company with quality products so feel free to give them a try for yourself today!

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